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Welcome to our world of natural beauty and wellness. I am the founder, a devoted cosmetologist and enthusiastic gardener, with a deep-rooted passion for uplifting both individuals and the environment. My journey in the realm of beauty and self-care commenced in 2014, paralleled by my venture into gardening in 2018. By 2021, these passions blossomed into the inception of our brand, with a mission to create products that seamlessly align with your body's natural rhythm. My dual expertise enables me to craft unique solutions, promoting both hair and skin vitality, while also nurturing holistic well-being. Join me in embracing the power of nature for a life filled with radiance and wellness.

Meet Our Founder

Learn About the Visionary Behind Naturally You, Driven by a Passion for Nature and Wellness

From Nature, With Love

Read Real Stories from Our Customers Who've Experienced the Magic of Naturally You's Products

"The product feels great in my hair and beard. Your customer service was great as you communicated a delay and it was very much appreciated. Will look forward to getting more products from you. 5/5"
"The Peace essential oil is put on more than my Cartier and YSL scents, simply because it smells AMAZING and really gives what it says, okay?! I have been using it in my office, working from home (Zooms and emails be needing peace!) Thank you so much for elevating my self-care practices. I will be back for more!"
"She made us the cutest gift bags for our special day!"
"I love the oatmeal bath soak! My kids have sensitive skin and this has helped a ton with my son's eczema and I love knowing everything that's in It and that it's safe. This is a must have for your babies with sensitive skin!"
"I ordered two oils, and they DO NOT DISAPPOINT! I love the avocado and peppermint oil for my scalp, especially living in an area with very low humidity. I can oil my scalp, and it stays hydrated and sealed for so long, and there is no buildup from the product, even when used with gel and other styling products!"

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Rooted in Nature, Driven by Passion

Unveiling Our Mission and the Story Behind Naturally You's Commitment to Organic Beauty and Well-being.

Our Mission

Our mission at Naturally You is clear and heartfelt. We strive to bridge the world of natural ingredients with your personal care routine, ensuring every product we offer aligns with your body’s natural balance. We've carefully chosen to distance ourselves from harmful chemicals and additives, focusing instead on wholesome, rejuvenating ingredients. Our products are meticulously crafted to address common skin and hair concerns, all while championing overall wellness. Trust in our commitment to bring you products that not only you can feel confident using, but that also truly embody the spirit of nature and self-care.

Our Story

Our story is a tapestry of passion for beauty, gardening, and the undeniable magic of nature. It all started in 2014 with a commitment to beauty and self-care, which soon intertwined with a love for gardening in 2018. This blend of passions culminated in 2021, transforming into the heart and soul of Naturally You. We find joy and purpose in creating products that are a true embodiment of luxury and vitality, all sourced from the purest natural ingredients. Our journey is unique and our products are a testament to the alchemy of nature’s wonders. We invite you to delve into our world, where each product is a love letter to nature and a step towards a more radiant and harmonious life.

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